Downtown Dental

Dental logo design featuring a dental molar tooth shape with a colorful and vibrant city scenery featuring homes, the business distinct, community, parks & bridge all combined together to capture …

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Lion Bridge

Lion statue displaying it’s strength, power and confident nature. The lion is positioned on top of a simple stylized Bridge, which represents the concept of bridging the gap. This logo …



Unique logo design that distinctly represents the great Torii, a symbol of Miyajima. The great Torii structure is created with two symbolical balanced Japanese figures representing the boundary between the …


Skyway Bridge

Modern classy bridge design that spans across the skyline. Simple lines form the impression of the bridge with soft clouds in the background create a peaceful mood. (arch, road, journey, …


Book Bridge Learning

Clean and unique logo design that features an open book. The pages of the open book create and arching shape created to resemble a bridge. The posts/columns that hold the …

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Harbor View

Clean, modern and distinctive design of the letter “H” with the middle stroke forming and curing to look like a eye or a bridge. The design is contained within a …

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Harp City Building

Clean, simple and distinctive design that combines a simple hard shape design with a capital skyscraper commercial building together to create this bold dynamic design. (Acoustic, chord, classic, classical harp, …


DNA Bridge

Clean, modern logo design of an abstract DNA bridge (laboratory, laboratories, science center, DNA, double-helix, gene, lab, medical, research, hospital, hospital, person, genome, health, testing, analysis, doctor, therapy, geometrical, abstract, …


Bridge Way Real Estate

Stylized city scale with a abstract bridge shape or hill flowing over the city scape design. (arch, architecture, arhitecture, art, block, bridge, building, business, city, cityscape, connection, construction, corporate, downtown, …