Stylized simplistic design of a panda bear profile. Bright pink, yellow, pupolr and blue colors are used to create this unique panda logo. (Asia, chinese, culture, japanese, leaf,natural, nature, mammals, …

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Asiantic Bear

Strong bold black bear roaring logo design featuring a bear roaring with it’s mouth open mountains are also incorporated into the bears face. (animal, bear, brown, mascot, design, face, forest, …

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Black Bear Woodworking Shop

Strong bold black bear logo design featuring the front view of a black bear’s face. Contained and designed within the shape of the bear’s head is a forest scenic landscape …

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Wise Panda Nerd

Cute little smart panda nerd character logo design featuring a panda wearing a pair of bright teal nerd glasses and a sweet smile. (geek, nerd, smart, student, young, clever, dork, …

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Panda Sushi & Bar

Modern, bold and fun oriental panda character logo design. The design features a cute oriental smiling panda mascot character wearing a rice hat. A pair of crossing chopsticks and a …

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Bear Peak

Strong bold grizzly bear logo design featuring the side profile view of a brown bear’s face. Contained and designed within the shape of the grizzly bear’s head is a forest …

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Sticky Bear Farm

Simple and modern line drawn logo design of a standing brown bear designed with natural organic leafy elements. The bear image is designed within a laurel leaf wreath that transforms …

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Square Panda

Cute and adorable panda character designed in a square shape. Simple, minimal design is used to create the impression of the ears, eyes and panda’s hands. The panda is holding …

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Blue Range Wilderness

Grizzly bear logo designed in a unique and distinctive style. The grizzly bear’s face is created with simple lines and different pattern elements. (bear, face, head, drawn, scribble, tattoo, animals, …

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