Wise Yoga Studio

Cute modern and bold nerd character wearing traditional nerd glasses and suspenders in a zen, yoga meditation pose. The meditating nerd character is sitting within a colourful lotus flower. (geek, …


Allegiance Foundation

Clean, simple and modern logo design representation of the united state of america flag. The flag formation is designed with simple shapes that create the impression of a waving flag …


Nerd Repair

Funny nerd character wearing traditional nerd glasses, polka dot bowtie and suspenders. This nerd mascot is holding a sign, which contains the company name. This creates a nice clean and …

Logo Sold

Fly Higher

Bright and vibrant stylized person figure flying a kite with colorful ribbons flowing from the kite to create a joyful and energetic fun logo design. (kite, sky, design, fly, banner, …


Airliner Kite

Bright and vibrant flying kite logo design created with different shades of oranges and blues to create this uplifting and airy kite logo design. A shooting bright star or sun, …


Burger Stacks

Clean and modern burger logo design with the all of the hamburger elements and ingredients separated in a tall deconstructed stack with a few of the toppings coloured to add …


Cherry Valley Dental

Natural and elegant street sign post with a stylized dental molar tooth hanging from the signage. The logo emits class and sophistication, respective of a homey and quaint country setting. …

Logo Sold


Abstract geometric logo for sale. The design features overlapping geometrical shapes that are arranged to create a box shape within the middle. (arrow, shape, sign, symbol, geometric, frame, trendy, colorful, …


Spectrum Butterfly

Beautiful, simple and bold logo design of an abstractly represented butterfly. The butterfly is created with overlapping colors and shapes to create a unique look. (abstract, color, colorful, wings, shape, …

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