Geometrical pattern of different shapes are used to create this abstract boomerang logo design. (boomerang, boomerange, primitive, Australian, australia, tribal, travel, symbol, throwing, weapon, traditional, indigenous, equipment, design, toy, throw, …

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Little Kangaroo

Cute nurturing mother and baby kangaroo logo design. The little baby kangaroo is nested within the mother’s polka dot pouch. (kangaroo, hop, animal, Australian, australia, baby, mammal, tail, wallaby, character, …

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Australia Outback

Prestigious, upscale and modern design of an elegant and strong kangaroo profile. Simple curving lines create this abstract interpretation of the profile of a kangaroo. The kangaroo is divided into …

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Kango Kangaroo

Powerful and dynamic logo design of a jumping kangaroo. The design is clean and modern with the colored lines creating a speeding motion which also help to further imply the …

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Kangaroo Learning

Fun and friendly logo design that features a cute kangaroo character holding and reading a book. Additional books, pencils and other icons flow away from the kangaroo character to represent …

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