Palm Bloom

Modern, elegant and sophisticated style logo. Hand drawn palm frond with beautiful hand drawn blooming roses growing in the palm tree leaves. (palm, leaf, tropical, frond, modern, boho, bohemian, palm …


Metanoia Mindset Coach

Modern contemporary abstract boho style brain logo. Simple modern abstract shapes and leaf elements create the impression of a brain shape. Perfect for a wide range of businesses such as …


Eden Co Modern Palm Leaf

Modern contemporary abstract boho style logo. Handdrawn palm frond in rustic sketch style. Simple modern abstract shapes are displayed behind palm leaves. Perfect for a wide range of businesses such …

Logo Sold

Button Mushroom

Cute mushroom design with growing leaves and flowers. (mushroom, button mushroom, forest, illustration, toadstool, leaves, growing, cute, art ) Created: 04/14/2022


Glow Wellness

Beautiful solar sun rays logo design. The overlapping circle design pattern creates the sun rays design, we’ve also incorporated the impression of a yin and yang design inside the sun. (sun, …


Black Tiger

Bold, and unique abstract representation of the face of a tiger. The tiger’s face is designed with different shapes to create the tiger’s face formation. (logo, tiger, stylized, print, beast, …


Direct Pay

Modern data technology and interface logo design with white arrows created within the white space of the abstract shapes . Bright pink, purple and teal green are used. (framework, abstract, …


Elephant Parade Coffee

A beautiful sketch-style logo featuring a cute baby elephant holding its mother’s tail in its trunk. This logo was hand-drawn to create a rustic sketch-style logo.  Each elephant is decorated …


Brown Watercolor Feather – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Beautiful watercolor painted brown feather logo design featuring our hand-painted watercolor brown whimsical feather illustration. (feather, bird feather, quill, boho, artistic, watercolor, hand-painted, illustration, brown, tribal, bohemian, art, fluffy, duck, colorful, …

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