Royal Crown Sativa

Regal, royal and elegant cannabis crown logo design featuring a stylized royal crown that’s designed to create the impression of a cannabis plant leaf. The regal and luxurious gold shades …


Canna Bliss Medical Marijuna

Medical marijuana logo design featuring a cannabis plant leaf design with stylized abstract people figures incorporated into the design with their arms reaching up to represent joy, bliss and relief. …


Leaf Plus Remedy

Medical cannabis leaf design with overlapping leaves creating the impression of a cannabis plant. Within the center of the leaf contained within the white space is a person figure with …

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Gabriel Beauty

Beautiful stylized and elegant angel woman figure. (angel, wing, women, arm, people, female, hair, elegance, style, silhouette, fairy, simplicity, profile, spirituality, fantasy, beauty, spa, religion, church, religious, gabriel, mystical, goddess, …


Vitruvia Technology

Modern logo design interpretation of the vitruvian man. The vitruvian man is abstractly created with simple overlapping lines that create the two man figures in the white space. Digital pixel data …

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Simple and clean logo design of a stylized “THUMB UP” concept. (thumb, ok, like, hand, finger, good, accept, fist, nice, network, concept, arm, thumbs up, pointer, agree, friend, add, contact, …