Royal Crown Cannabis Sativa Logo For Sale

Regal, royal and elegant cannabis crown logo design featuring a stylized royal crown that’s designed to create the impression of a cannabis plant leaf. The regal and luxurious gold shades are combined with a vibrant green to create a unique and distinctive logo design. (abstract, addiction, beautiful, cannabis, dope, drug, ganja, grass, green, herb, human, joint, leaf, legalize, marihuana, marijuana, medical, medicinal, medicine, narcotic, nature, people, person, plant, pot, prescription, profile, silhouette, smoke, weed, young, figure, remedy, holistic, treatment, pain relief, arm, up, joy, achievement, life, celebrate, people, concept, raise, society, happy, leafy, hospital, empower, empowering, crown, royal, regal, king, queen, luxury, gold, golden, metallic, prestigious, royalty)

Created: 11/12/2018