River Wolf Logo Sold

Wolf face logo, designed with flowing river stream, mountain range scenery that creates the side profile view of a wolf’s face. This design represents the great natural outdoors of nature and wildlife, all represented in this unique compact design. (wolf, wolves head, side, mascot, profile, werewolf, outline, mammal, line, carnivore, graphic, portrait, emblem, elegant, illustration, realistic, design, predator, hunting, silhouette, canine, wild, nature, dog, animal, husky, wildlife, wolf, range, hill, river, sun, mountain, horizon, landscape, sea, summer, elements, dawn, symbolic, concept, graphics, modern, hiking, stylized, unique, simple, season, adventure, hillside, summit, peak, water, stream, outdoors, valley, hills, trail, river, creek, canyon, resort, uphill, hike, park, green, rocks, travel, rocky, canada, clean, alpine, tour, slope, serpentine, alps, season, recreation, hillside, ridge, climb, road, landscape)

Created: 09/06/2016