Regal Tennis Club Logo For Sale

Prestigious and regal tennis club logo design. The design of the upper portion of the tennis racket is designed to represent a laurel wreath, a circular wreath made of interlocking branches and leaves. The tennis racket design emits class and sophistication. (ball, sphere, competitive, match, equipment, recreation, bounce, tournament, round, hobby, game, sport, recreational, tennis, circle, active, fitness, object, competition, play, cricket, racket, sporting, modern, object, badminton, net, leisure, string, club, activity, wreath, laurel, award, leaves, border, prize, champion, leader, winner, branch, triumph, royal, royalty, decoration, wreath border, wreath frame, heraldic, anniversary, success, circle, trophy, laurel wreath, pride, insignia, emblem, coat of arms, heraldry, certificate, frame, competition, certified, vintage, ornate, laurel wreaths, honor, victory, glory, honour)

Created: 10/14/2015