Radiant Ridge Holistic Ridge Logo Sold

Beautiful radiant mandala tree logo created within an intricate detailed mandala design. A mountain is beautiful incorporated on the base of the tree. Intricate details are added to create a strong and powerful mandala tree logo. (life, tree, mandala, pattern, flower, ethnic, sun, tribal, abstract, lace, art, arabic, ornament, leaf, ornamental, design, hand drawn, stylized, decoration, native, floral, petal, organic, culture, unique, festive, crafts, arabesque, handmade, element, illustration, folkloric, wedding, romantic, vintage, branch, spiritual, healing, holistic, natural, roots, growing, growth, india, indian, universe, hindu, buddhist, symbolism, symbolic, unity, henna, scene, balancing, harmony, serenity, spiritual journey, leaf, leaves, essence, meditating, meditate, clarity, luxury, sophisticated, classy, tree of life, empower, empowering, massage, mountain top, outdoor, range, rock, summit, therapy)