Tennis Ball Company Logo For Sale

Tennis ball logo designed in a clean and modern style with stylized liquid dips extending from the abstract tennis ball logo design. Logo is a visual play on the tennis term “pulp”, which mean 30–30, not quite deuce. The liquid elements represent juice and speed as the ball shoots access the court. The tennis ball is designed to also look like a juicy fruit. (ball, sphere, color, colorful, colored, fun, green, yellow, competitive, match, equipment, recreation, bounce, tournament, round, hobby, game, sport, recreational, tennis, circle, active, fitness, object, competition, play, cricket, pulp, citrus, cooking, dieting, equipment, food, fresh, freshness, fruit, fruity, health, healthy, ingredient, juice, juicy, leisure, natural, orange, organic, raw, refreshment, ripe, round, sweet, tasty, tropical, vegetarian, vitamin, juice, juicy, juice bar, smoothie, beverage, liquid, splash, drops, water)

Created: 10/14/2015