Northern Cardinal Logo Sold

Sleek, bold and modern tree logo design. This unique tree logo features a stylish bare tree design with the addition of the bold red leaves that frame the exterior of the tree and single red cardinal bird perched on one of the bare tree branches. This eye catching tree logo with grab and demand attention. (tree, stick, bird, birdie, nativity, red, redbird, bare, berries, black, vermilion, ruddy, illustration, incarnadine, warbler, haw, songster, gules, limb, cardinal, branch, nature, leaf, blowing, fall, branch, autumn, ornament, trunk, decoration, floral, season, seasonal, decorative, design, plant, horticulture, nature, botany, twig, circle, circular, crest, natural, black, bold, elegant, modern, dove, nature, grown, grown, landscape, roots, nature photography)

Created: 11/13/2015