Neuro Health Brain Logo Sold

Modern, abstract and whimsical brain themed logo design featuring an abstract brain image created with various different coloured hearts and an abstract heart shaped hand that are arranged to create the impression and formation of the brain shape. (brain, human, colorful, concept, head, idea, abstract, wisdom, psychology, graphic, mind, analytical, logic, hemisphere, creative, function, emotion, biology, science, smart, intellectual, think, intellect, imagination, anatomy, genius, education, knowledge, inspiration, brainstorm, sense, transparent, overlapping, burst, geometric, geometrical, shapes, abstract, modern, clean, simple, heart, heart-shape, love, compassion, caring, giving, hand, fingers, care, surgery, nurturing, kids, youth, tender, give, support, not for profit, charity, foundation, institute, hospital, neurological, cognition, cognitive, abstract, bright, colourful)