Mandala Healing Logo Sold

A circular floral blooming Mandala logo design. This mandala design represents a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions that represent the universe. In the centre of the mandala design is a Triple spiral celtic swirl symbol, which represent the three realms – Land, Sea and Sky. The flower is comprised of three layers that create this dimensional, bold and dynamic flower design. (mandala, pattern, india, henna, design, tattoo, ornament, arabic, moroccan, art, motif, flower, asian, shape, round, hinduism, floral, graphic, abstract, lace, tiles, symbol, mehendi, sign, decoration, petal, culture, circle, symmetric, decor, spiritual, element, traditional, illustration, swirl, ornate, symmetry, meditation, textile, holistic, celtic, healing, ethnic, elegance, lotus, yoga, meditation, meditate, healer, life coach, life coaching, coaching, spa, retreat, travel, beauty, beautiful, oasis, tropical, Hawaii, balance, unity, soul, soulful, acupuncture, ancient, rustic, remedy, herbal, alternative medicine, botanical, garden, grow, restaurant, asian, Asia, empower, empowering)

Created: 10/19/2015