Mandala buddha Logo Sold

Beautiful, spiritual mandala lotus flower logo design featuring an elegant elaborative and intricate mandala design with a stylized beautiful spiritual meditating buddha figure in the center. The Mandala design creates an aura around the the figure. Natural leaves and flowers are designed within the buddha to create a natural look. The design represents spiritual healing, self reflection and natural holistic meditation. (mandala, Indian, flower, element, floral, round, circular, arabic, mystic, yoga, bohemian, circle, ethnic, motif, oriental, ornament, relax, religion, style, tribal, holistic, natural, spiritual, healing, pray, god, religious, chakra, meditation, meditate, abstract, stylized, beautiful, sap, beauty, salon, colourful, drawing, illustration, henna, fitness, eye, eyes, sight, see, spirituality, culture, cultural, buddhism, peaceful, temple, artistic, silhouette, nature, leaves, leaf, statue, elegant, sophisticated, classy, lux, magenta, pink, aura, face, person, figure, pose)

Created: 06/21/2018