The Little Blue Sheep Farm Logo Sold

Unique circle crest style sheep logo design. The body of the sheep is designed in a circle shape with the sheep’s head placed in the center of the circle along with four simple shapes to represent the sheep’s legs. A decorative floral leaf pattern in arranged around the body of the sheep to add style and uniqueness to this sheep logo design. (sheep, cute, whimsical, animal, baby, barn, clothing, boutique, store, expressive, fresh, fuzzy, wool, fluffy, illustration, kids, young, pet, shear, soft, wildlife, zoo, branches, cartoon, character, cute, domestic, happy, friendly, leaves, natural, nature, season, simple, spring, summer, tree, forest, fantasy, cartoon, green, plant, garden, wood, magical, seasonal, flowers, fleece, wreath, crest, circle, circular, badge, ornate, decorative, vine, vintage)

Created: 07/03/2017