Jaipur Interior Decor Logo Sold

A beautiful decorated elegant elephants design. The elephant is created with swirling shapes and patterns to create the front view of the elephant’s face. Vibrant pinks and golden shades add class and sophistication to this elephant design. (decorative, india, stylized, decoration, tribal, floral, mandala, travel, ornament, tattoo, decorated, flower, elephant, festive, graphic, decor, element, henna, ethnic, Ganesha, hand drawn, illustration, ornamental, front, african, indian, design, sketch, zentangle, lace, hindu, art, ornate, drawn, nature, animal, tusk, trunk, pattern, flourish, swirl, scrolling, scroll, luxury, elegant, sophisticated, upscale, gold, golden, wedding, event, traditional, tradition, ceremony, festive, festive, festivities, crown, royal, royalty, Africa, jaipur, Rajasthan, holi festival, beautiful, bedecked, embellish, vibrant, jewellery, jewels, gulaal, majestic, buddha, jainism, mythology, mythological)

Created: 10/01/2015