Habermann Construction Logo Sold

Handyman construction building logo design featuring a home design created with Wooden frame works, a window in the middle, ruler and the roof of the house designed with two crossing hammers. (blueprint, frame, floor, business, plan, line, symbol, lineart drawing, illustration, design, architecture, schematic, paper, home, house, architect, construction, apartment, urban, building, modern, flat, mockup, project, city, sketch, structure, room, layout, engineer, structure, industry, window, door, dwelling, engineering, drafting, roll, cad, blueprint, diagram, tools, handyman, reno, renovation, basement, outdoor, remodel, carpenter, real estate, extension, property, development, dream home, roof, roofing, lot, timber, material, builder, professional, interior, installation, ruler, letter H, hammers, hammer, nail, bold, masculine, strong, manly)

Created: 04/26/2016