Forest Dental Logo Sold

Natural, whimsical dental themed logo design with a stylized flowing leafy tree growing with in the center of a molar tooth. The branches of the tree curve in the middle of the tooth and tree to create a heart shape formation. A vine of leaves frame the bottom of the tooth and molar design. (tree, dental, dentist, tooth, medical, dent, spring, leaf, oral, graphic, clean, medicine, love, smile, family, healthy, care, garden, design, mouth, dentistry, toothpaste, hygiene, health, conceptual, doctor, orthodontist, orthodontics, natural, grow, growing, hill, beautiful, elegant, classy, sophisticated, luxury, upscale, leaves, leaf, vine, plant, modern, oasis, rustic, nature, natural, molar, love, roots, forest, whimsical, quaint)

Created: 01/05/2017