Fitness Pose Pilates Company Logo for Sale

Energetic and flowing fitness figure in a pilates pose. The person’s figure is abstractly rendered to create a natural fluid movement. Different overlapping elements are used to create the formation of this pilates figure. (human, stylized, move, stretch, slim, practice, expression, wellness, pose, life, bright, workout, fit, contemporary, active, fitness, people, gymnastics, flexibility, female, lady, energy, yoga, fusion, youth, lifestyle, emotion, position, training, center, body, woman, gym, pilates, bending, physical, impression, artistic, style, work, health, exercise, meditation, sportive, action, sport, wellness, core, train, training, stretch, abstract, transparent, fluid, motion, movement, wellbeing, healthy, active, spiritual, mediate, pose, formation, body, strengthen, strength, physical, physic, dance, dance studio)

Created: 10/04/2015