Dragonfly Brain Logo Sold

Modern, stylish and unique dragonfly logo design combining a brain design with a dragonfly to create this distinctive design. The brain imagery is created with stylized vines, leafs and spiral elements to create the impression of a brain. A stylish beautiful dragonfly in designed within the middle of the brain imagery to represent change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. (dragonfly, fly, flight, wings, wing, transformation, transform, tranquil, tranquilly, spiritual, insect, gold, aqua, butterfly, wellness, health, brain, concept, head, idea, abstract, wisdom, psychology, mind, analytical, logic, hemisphere, function, emotion, biology, science, smart, intellectual, think, intellect, imagination, anatomy, genius, education, knowledge, inspiration, brainstorm, sense, transparent, surgery, nurturing, foundation, institute, hospital, neurological, neurological, behaviour, behavioural, cognition, cognitive, abstract, leaf, leaves, vines, floral, counsel, counselling, counseling)