Sativa Medical Therapy Logo Sold

Unique natural and holistic medical marijuana cannabis logo design featuring a stylized cannabis leaf that’s designed to look like a styled person figure that creates the middle leaf. The person figure has their arms in an up lifting position, which creates the leaf shape. Delicate ornate patterns embellish the cannabis leaf creating a unique and modern medical cannabis logo design for natural holistic medicine. (Leaf, marijuana, addiction, agriculture, alternative medicine, bud, cancer, cannabis, culture, doctor, drug, leaf, leaves, ganja, health, healthcare, legalize, medical, medicine, narcotic, natural, nature, plant, pot, recreational, sativa, smoke, weed, relief, wellbeing, treatment, holistic, natural care, therapy, uplifting, person, figure, people, outreach, healing, nurture, spiritual, green, intricate, detailed, modern, elegant)

Created: 03/27/2018