Vibrant Dancer Person Figure Logo For Sale

Expressive, artistic and stylized figure of a dancing person that’s designed with rhythmic style and movement. The figure is colored with bright and vibrant shades that enhance the bold and vivacious mood of this logo design. (lively, spirited, bubbly, ebullient6, sparkling, lighthearted, happy, joy, fun, cherry, cheerful, perky, uplift, uplifted, fiery ballet, dancer, abstract, woman, girl, ballerina, colorful, style, tiptoe, fly, vibrant, floral, petal, foot, leaf, jump, blossom, people, flexibility, dance, female, performer, leg, lady, figure, flora, young, sensual, body, person, beauty, hair, art, beautiful, pretty, fitness, human, sport, movement, shape, model, jump, modern, fashion, design, motion, acrobat, action, people, balance, female, silhouette, exercise)

Created: 09/06/2016