Agave Love Logo Sold

Agave plant design with the agave leaves transformed to create a heart shape in the center of the agave plant. (plant, houseplant, succulent, agave, green, herbal, flower, medicine, abstract, nature, exotic, agave, medicinal, holistic, natural, fleshy, mexican, herbal, sharp, leaf, thorn, aloe, stem, cactus, herb, herbal, extract, liquid, drop, water, beauty, tree, decoration, bonsai, floral, flower, leaf, botanical, decor, garden, florist, growth, beauty, wedding, nature, hand, botany, lotus, blossom, blossoming, leakiest, thorn, tequila, ecology, bush, elegant, sophisticated, love, heart, pineapple, fruit, healthy, health)

Created: 10/16/2015