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We’ve worked with 100s of clients to provide them with a truly unique, exclusive logo for their business. We love designing and especially love creating unique logo designs that our customers can fall in love with. These logos have all found their forever home. Check out our sold logos purchased by our happy customers.

Turnkey Luxury Homes

Luxurious and fancy key design that incorporates a crown. (key, gate, door, open, shape, ornament, metal, classic, secure, household, house, home, antique, vintage, unlock, luxurious, luxury, home, real estate, crown, …

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Cherish Care Owl

Beautiful stylized rendering of an owl and baby owl together. The baby is created within the white space and feathers of the mother owl. (owl, cute, animal, feather, sweet, decorative, …

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Extinct Dinosaur Raptor

Modern stylized interpetation of a prehistoric dinosaur fossilized skeleton. The position of the dinosaurs bones creates movement and interest (dinosaur, skeleton, fossil, bone, dino, museum, skull, allosaurus, extinct, t-rex, archeology, …

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Scramble Mind

Silhouette of a person’s head with a geometrical/abstract design contained at the top of the head to represent the brain or mind. (brain, abstract, colourful, idea, smart, network, design, logo, …

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Mind Path

Modern design of a side profile face. A curving pathway or river divides the head into several different sections. (face, side, head, girl, boy, human, male, contour, shape, profile, model, …

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Gold Mind Maze

Modern and distinctive design of a brain created to look like tunnels/pathways within the brain. The tunnels create the impression of a shovel to represent digging into the mind/mine. (maze, …

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Cake Shop Tool

Baking tools such as a whisk, rolling pin, spoon, stand mixer, measuring cup and brush are used to create and decorate the three tier Cake. (pastry, icing, cooking, bakery, restaurant, …

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Guidance Compass Sun

Bold, modern & abstract design of a compass and sun combined together. The design is created with geometrical shapes with directional arrows contained within the white space. (compass, gold, star, …

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Sunflower Organic Farm

A beautiful bursting sunflower is created within the farm barn. (petal, blossoming, natural, vibrant, green, yellow, leaf, bright, sunny, sunflower, summer, blossom, sun, gardening, season, flora, stem, decorative, seed, garden, …

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