Sheep Forest Tree Logo For Sale

Unique, whimsical and cute little sheep logo design. This sweet friendly sheep is designed to look like a forest of lush trees. The legs of the sheep are created to look like the tree trunks with the sheep’s wool coat creating the tree canopy with blossoming flowers and leaves growing from the sheep/tree. Standout from the crowd with this distinctive and unique sheep tree logo design combo. (sheep, cute, whimsical, animal, baby, barn, clothing, boutique, store, expressive, fresh, fuzzy, wool, fluffy, illustration, kids, young, pet, shear, soft, wildlife, zoo, branches, cartoon, character, cute, domestic, happy, friendly, leaves, natural, nature, season, simple, spring, summer, tree, forest, fantasy, cartoon, green, plant, garden, wood, magical, seasonal, flowers, fleece)

Created: 05/04/2017