Weather Vane Dairy Cow Farm Logo For Sale

Clean and contemporary front view of a cow created with sleek lines. The modern cow design is incorporated into a weather vane to create a unique look. The simple and sleek cow logo design represents organic, healthy and natural dairy farming. (butcher, cow, farm, animal, meat, shop, pork, cut, food, design, element, beef, market, stamp, menu, fresh, product, chop, seal, insignia, raw, illustration, vintage, butcher shop, monochrome, butchery, restaurant, crest, leaf, leaves, vine, moo, wheat, calf, organic, milk, dairy, heifer, lines, cattle, calves, farmer, bull, steer, livestock, country, countryside, agriculture, grass, grazing, farmyard, nature, horns, black, arrow, direction, point, wind, spinner, winchester, cast-iron, weathercock wind vane, instrument, anemometer, Windsock, simple, bold, friendly sleek)

Created: 08/23/2016