Watermelon Juice Popsicle Logo For Sale

Simple, cute and whimsical watermelon slice on a popsicle stick with the seeds dropping down to represent melting juice or rain. The half slice of watermelon and the popsicle stick also create the impression of an umbrella. The design theme is representative of healthy fresh juice blends. (watermelon, sliced, slice, seed, dessert, diet, light, simple, illustration, tasty, round, garden, design, colorful, style, nutrition, food, juicy, vegetarian, ripe, sweet, peel, red, organic, summer, clean, half, lifestyle, healthy, vitamin, plant, fruit, cheerful, fresh, nature, freshness, rain, lick, liquid, vegetarianism, health, food, raw, vegan, beverage, drink, detox, smoothie, summer, blended, lifestyle, vitamin, juicier, ingredient, fruity, restaurant, leaf, mushroom, melting)

Created: 04/26/2016