Invitro Fertility Center

Clean, modern and unique logo design that abstractly represents the process of fertilization. Stylized elements are designed to represent sperms that are arranged in a circular design with the circular white space in the center representing a woman’s egg. The monogram company name initials can be changed to match your business name. (vitro, fertilization, ivf, cell egg, sex, anatomy, artificial, biology, chemistry, embryo, fertility, fertilizer, genetic, health, healthcare, healthy, human, infertility, insemination, life, medical, medicine, micro, microbiology, molecular, blue, reproduction, reproductive, science, scientific, sperm, baby, offspring, birth, research, pregnant, pregnancy, fertile, female, woman, women, modern, clean, simple, abstract, stylized, swim, evolution, semen, seed, monogram)

Created: 07/21/2017