Veggie Farm Barn Natural Food Logo For Sale

Bold and vibrant coloured farm barn logo design. The barn shape design is filled with various organic, healthy and natural vegetables that create a colourful pattern designed within the farm barn. The bottom of the barn is designed to look like the earth/ground with the various veggies growing up from the ground. (colourful, fruits, apple, peach, watermelon, carrot, tomato, pepper, onion, vegetables, zucchini, eggplant, zucchini, reddish, turnip, parsnip, leaves, natural, healthy, ingredients, kitchen, plant, product, juice, diet, fresh, freshness, refreshing, tasty, farm, farmers, market, food, garden, gardening, health, lifestyle, season, seasonal, transport, delivery, wood, wooden, handmade, crops, harvest, field, organic, vegetables, growing, planting, seeds, beverage, barn, market, eat, restaurant, food delivery, ground, earth, crop, modern, bold)

Created: 04/10/2017