Trinity Pyramid Christian Church Logo For Sale

Sleek and modern church themed logo design representing the all seeing eye of god (eye of providence). The eye features a bold and dynamic central eye with rays of light signifying light and glory with a cross placed on the top of the pyramid shape. The overall concept represents the eye of god watching over mankind. (eye, illuminati, symbolic, masonic, secret, pyramid, religion, occult, god, wisdom, triangle, power, mystical, magic, elements, spiritual, mythology, amulet, faith, religious, protection, rosicrucian, knowledge, seeing, order, freemason, concept, theory, society, spirituality, emblem, alchemy, holy, esoteric, lock, key, christian, belief, hillside, gold, golden, holly, spirituality, trinity, line drawn, cross, crucifix, sun, sunshine, sunny, rays, beams, heaven)

Created: 09/29/2016