Mechanical Leaping Cow Logo For Sale

Modern, unique and distinctive leaping cow logo featuring a uniquely rendered leaping cow designed in a mechanical style. The cow is created to look like a windup toy with gears and pulleys connecting the two halves of the cow, which are controlling the movement of this jumping cow logo design. (jump, jumping, cartoon, character, mascot, illustration, bull, cow, creative, creativity, design, domestic, farm, farmer, farming, joyful, milk, cream, pasteurize, natural, organic, animal, livestock, market, cafe, restaurant, retro, vintage, rustic, meat, cheese, dairy, modern, clean, simple, domestic, pounce, leap, leaping, windup, toy, key, spotted, spots, black, line drawn, pulley, movement, mechanism, machinery, gears, steampunk)

Created: 10/12/2017