Taurus Bull Home Renovation Construction Logo For Sale

Bold, strong taurus bull logo design featuring a masculine bull’s face that’s combined with the design and architecture of a home/house. The top head of the bull is designed to look like a house roof with the home’s door placed in the middle of the face. This is a strong unique construction logo that will standout from the crowd. (blueprint, frame, floor, business, plan, illustration, design, architecture, home, house, architect, construction, apartment, urban, building, modern, project, city, structure, room, layout, engineer, structure, industry, window, door, dwelling, engineering, drafting, cad, blueprint, tools, handyman, reno, renovation, basement, outdoor, remodel, carpenter, real estate, extension, property, development, dream home, roof, roofing, lot, timber, material, builder, professional, interior, installation, bold, masculine, strong, manly, bull, taurus, horns, cow, mule, face, animal)

Created: 11/28/2017