True Yoga Therapy

Continuous pattern logo design that creates a dynamic shape/symbol. Four figure are designed within this beautiful bright and colorful design. This design visually represents growth, balance and natural living. (holistic, …


Bodhi Mind

Stylized, abstract interpretation of a Buddha figure in a spiritual medication pose. (buddha, buddhism, zen, dream, art, india, wisdom, japan, shine, sculpture, oriental, pray, wise, enlightenment, statue, culture, symbol, head, …



Modern, clean and beautiful indian art inspired design style that combines a star, flower and people figures together to form this bold design. (flower, sunshine, sun, florist, yoga, people, figures, …


Eternal Lotus

Beautiful stylized lotus flower design. (botanical, lotus, flower, bloom, pattern, asian, china, waterlily, stylized, oriental, floral, petal, decor, blossom, abstract, plant, nature, botany, garden, spa, retreat, holistic, meditation, yoga, balance, …


Rose Blossom

Beautiful stunning logo design of a flower in bloom. (floral, creative, wellness, holistic, transform, healing, healthy, wellbeing, gentle, relaxation, massage, botanical, lotus, flower, bloom, asian, china, stylized, oriental, floral, petal, …


Holistic Yoga Healing

Yoga pose, with their hands reaching upwards to create a lotus flower petal design. (yoga, fit, fitness, pose, gym, sport, stretch, person, health, human, spirit, instructor, female, recreation, lady, figure, …


Prithvi Spiritual

Modern and artistic interpretation of a spiritual hand gesture pose shaped in a circular design with abstract design/pattern. (mudras, hand, india, expression, hand position, finger, fingermark, yoga, mantra, body-language, sign …


Lotus Bloom Flower

Beautiful women’s figure contained within a blooming lotus flower. (yoga, lotus, flower, posture, human, meditating, culture, symbol, solitude, blossom, people, female, medicine, spirituality, women, pink, position, healthy, contemplation, indian, body, …

Logo Sold

Web Bloom Flower

Beautiful blooming lotus flower that is also created to resemble a web design. (flower, zen, lotus, yoga, solitude, blossom, harmony, nature, tranquil, floral, relaxation, holistic, peddle, spiderweb, beauty) Created: 06/02/2014