Canadian Real Estate

Creative design that incorporates the Canadian flag to create the roof of the home. (mortgage, broker, Canadian, home, house, real estate, agent, property, development, flag, Canada, quebec, ontario, Toronto, roof, …

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Castle Stone Real Estate

Moden and clean logo that uses various shaped stones to create the impression of a castle/home that is in the shape of a shield. (stone, stoned, wall, gate, window, ruin, …

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Maple View Real Estate

Two connecting geometric, maple leaf elements with the white space within the center of the design creating the impression of homes/houses. (leaf, canada, icon, canadian, flag, red, national, white, north, …

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Royal Real Estate

Distinctive design that features a royal hanging flag that’s designed with a community/neighbourhood of homes designed within the flag (real, roof, home, construction, building, concept, graphic, design, housing, corporate, business, …

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Garden Real Estate

Flowing shapes and leaves create the impression of a luxury house in the white space. (apartment, estate, building, architecture, home, house, exterior, cottage, leaves, vines, garden, window, entrance, flourish, leaves, …

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