Blue Whale

Design of a bold blue whale swimming below the text. (animal, big, blue, dolphin, fin, huge, killer, majestic, mammal, ocean, orca, sea, swim, water, wet, whale, wild, wildlife, mammal) Created: …

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Spot It

Cute, friendly illustrative logo design of a whale character/mascot looking through a pair of binoculars. (whales, ocean, watch, beach, look, blue, person, binocular, water, whale, humpback, blue, wild, huge, sea, …

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Whale Pod

Five friendly stylized whales swimming together in circular pod. The white/negative space create the impression of a star. (shower, whale, cute, sea, cartoon, swim, animal, toy, baby, fun, underwater, wave, …

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Pacific Ocean Whale

This logo design was created with a top portion of a Canadian Maple leaf that resembles the ice cap mountains of the Arctic. The lower portion of the design has …

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Whale Splash

Fun stylized blue whale swimming in the ocean, with burst of colourful splashes. (whale, cute, kid, fish, children, baby, fun, mammal, creature, swim, character, aquarium, underwater, doodle, marine, sea, water, …

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