Rose Blossom

Beautiful stunning logo design of a flower in bloom. (floral, creative, wellness, holistic, transform, healing, healthy, wellbeing, gentle, relaxation, massage, botanical, lotus, flower, bloom, asian, china, stylized, oriental, floral, petal, …

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Spirit Woman Fitness

Stylized woman figure in an active pose with her arms stretched out. (goddess, flying, spirit, weight, spiritual, healing, diet, slim, health, waist, fit, fitness, skin, adult, shape, girl, attractive, abdominal, …

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Lotus Bloom Flower

Beautiful women’s figure contained within a blooming lotus flower. (yoga, lotus, flower, posture, human, meditating, culture, symbol, solitude, blossom, people, female, medicine, spirituality, women, pink, position, healthy, contemplation, indian, body, …

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Pure Yoga

The yoga figure is designed/created using squalling lines. (Yoga, studio, wellness, female, women, mediation, relaxation, lotus pose, posture, exercise, girl, body, figure, healthy, health, mind, wellbeing, religion, fitness, spiritual, Lotus …

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Lotus Key

Beautiful abstract lotus design & key concept combined. (lotus, flower, yoga, leaf, calm, symbol, abstract, garden, design, relax, plant, relaxation, stylized, natural, floral, healing, peace, wellness, medicine, season, wellbeing, purity, …

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