Bull Construction

Unique, bold and masculine animal bull logo design that features the head of a bull designed to look like the frameworks and contrition of a building or house.The bull-face is …

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Falcon Construction

Prestigious, upscale and modern design construction real estate logo featuring two flacon birds. Bold shapes create this powerful construction real estate logo with the two falcon birds positioned to form …

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Keystone Dental

Modern and bold dental logo design featuring a dental molar tooth that designed to look like a arched stoned opening with the center keystone in the middle of the molar …

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Manchester Castle

Clean, modern logo design of a castle design with the letter “M” created within the white space and angled walls of the castle design. (chateau, fortress, restoration, tower, medieval, housing, …

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Step Up Staircase

Simple stylized three level staircase design. (stepping, steps, construction, home, interior, stairway, flight of stairs, path, movement, creative, idea, forward, upwards, up, direction, moving, upper level, staircase, ladder, geometric, steps, …

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Grand Estate Home

Remarkable, luxurious grand home logo design. (home, exterior, building, design, housing, stone, lawn, dwelling, property, estate, contemporary, luxury, suburban, outside, entrance, landscaped, door, mansion, modern, window, wall, roof, garden, architecture, …

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Bridge Water Real Estate

Bridge is designed to create rows of homes in the white space of the bridge design. (bridge, pathway, gentle, stream, landscape, outdoor, lake, retirement, nature, home, homes, neighbourhood, home, exterior, …

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Cobble Stone Estates

Stone pattern wall created in the design of a home design. (cobble stone, brick, wall, arch, door, real estate, arch, estate, winery, cottage, cabin, vintage, rocks, stones, wall, entrance, windows, …

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Castle Stone Real Estate

Moden and clean logo that uses various shaped stones to create the impression of a castle/home that is in the shape of a shield. (stone, stoned, wall, gate, window, ruin, …

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