Flutter Butterfly

Beautiful, simple and bold logo design of a butterfly. The wings of the butterfly are created with overlapping colors and shapes to create a unique look. (butterfly, art, beautiful, bright, …

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Vanilla Orchid

The orchid branch is designed to resemble a vanilla pod designed in a circular shape. (vanilla, flower, bean, pod, stick, white, orchid, aroma, natural, spice, delicious, dessert, sweet, organic, flavor, …

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Lotus Bloom Fertility Centre

Beautiful blooming lotus flower with a women’s egg contained within the center of the flower. (reproduction, baby, pregnancy, motherhood, medical, procreation, fertility, genetically, fertile, bio, life, egg, ovulation, parent, biotechnology, …

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Mulberry Films

Clean, modern and bold design of a mulberry fruit with the individual fruit segments designed to look like movie reels. (film, reel, cinema, camera, strip, roll, video, retro, motion, hollywood, …

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