Centrum Chiro

Four stylized people figures overlap each other to create a transparent effect with a spinal element that divides the design the center.(people, person, success, human, friends, business, concept, bio, life, …

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Joint Group Health

Overlapping, connecting, abstract people figures arranged to create the impression of a spinal vertebra. The logo represents a community group of people joined together. (world, globe, earth, people, person,success, planet, …


Spinal Care

Flowing stylized figures are arraigned figures to create a circular shape. A curved spinal spine is created within the white space of the logo. The logo represents a community group …


Transform Butterfly

Beautiful gentle butterfly, the centre of the butterfly is representative of a human spine. (butterfly, fly, soft, wing, bright, creative, free, insect, beauty, imagine, beautiful, pretty, animal, butterfly, wing, spine, …


Spinal Wellness Chiropractic

Calm & relaxing logo design of a person’s body figure with a spinal design incorporated into the figure. (beauty, beautiful, pretty, spine, disc, treatment, spinal, pain, pressure, posture, degenerated, disc …

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Oasis Chiropractic

Beautiful 3D sphere design with a curved leaf inside the circle and a spine shape forming the leaf (spine, treatment, posture, spinal, spinal cord, vertebra, chiropractic, wellness, holistic, transform, healing, …