Rose Flower Key

Elegant unique flower logo design combined with a skeleton key to create this distinctive floral rose and key logo design. The logo is created in a simple and clean minimal …


Key Dentistry

Sleek, elegant and modern dental dentistry themed logo design featuring a beautiful skeleton key with the top portion of the key designed in the shape of a molar dental tooth. …


Guardian Key Lion

Bold and strong logo design featuring a stylized lion animal figure standing tall and proud holding a key. The design of the lion is distinctive with the lion divided into …

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Griffin Legal Council

Lion statue with wings displaying it’s strength, power and confident nature. The griffin is positioned on top of a simple stylized key, which represents the opening and closing powers of …

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Key Fly Butterfly

Florishing design of a skeleton key. The top of the key is designed to resemble a butterfly. (key, lock, open, door, opener, padlock, victorian, passkey, decoration, secure, steel, ornament, privacy, …


Key Tree

Beautiful styled design with simple skeleton keys hanging of the tree to give the imprecation of leaves. (key, lock, open, door, tree, nature, magical, creative, antique, vintage, soft, classic, collection, …


Turnkey Luxury Homes

Luxurious and fancy key design that incorporates a crown. (key, gate, door, open, shape, ornament, metal, classic, secure, household, house, home, antique, vintage, unlock, luxurious, luxury, home, real estate, crown, …

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Key Medical Caduceus

Distinctive, unique and upscale design of a Caduceus that’s created to look like a key. Two snakes create the impression of the key. (medical, symbol, caduceus, snake, medicine, sign, health, …