Oak & Ivy Holistic Tree

Elegant and classy twirling vine tree logo with the trunk of the tree curling like a beautiful vine with oak-style leaves. The curving design creates an elegant bonsai-style tree. The …

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Arctic Chill Fox

Calm and peaceful logo design of a curled up arctic fox. The fox is designed to create a circular round shape that creates a whirling and swirling design. The swirling …

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Idea Mixer

Full abstract logo design with mixing and spinning colorful shapes that create the impression of a light bulb. (spiral, color, colorful, twist, concentric, vibrant, liquid, fluid, curl, blend, flow, spectrum, …

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Fish Link

Clean, simple and modern fish logo that’s constructed with colourful, lopping elements that are linked together to create the fish formation. (animal, branding, business, clean, concept, creative, creativity, fish, modern, …

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