Dolphin Cruise Line

Beautiful and elegant dolphin leaping out of the ocean waves. The dolphin and waves create a circular design that creates the impression of a luminous clear water bubble. Beautiful blue …


Tortoise Dental

Unique, Elegant and classy dental dentistry logo design featuring a beautiful natural turquoise and teal sea turtle design with a white stylized dental molar tooth designed within the turtle’s shell. …


Jumping Horse Coffee

Unique, modern and whimsical jumping horse logo design. The design features a whimsically designed horse in a jumping motion, leaping over the name of the business. A mural pattern with …


Set Sail

Whimsical and modern sailing ship crest style logo design. The logo design features a stylized sailing ship, navigating the ocean waters. The water ocean waves are designed in a whimsical …


Aqua Pura Water

Simple and flowing dolphin logo design with the dolphin designed in a curved swimming shape. The curved shape of the dolphin’s tail creates a natural water drop within the middle …


Green Sea Design

Organically designed green sea turtle logo design. The turtle is created with organic and natural leaf shapes that create this very unique design. The shell of the turtle is uniquely …


Gentoo Penguin

Beautiful Stylized shapes create a unique penguin. (penguin, antarctica, animal, cold, water, outdoor, freezing, coast, bird, white, antarctic, turquoise, wild, nature, wildlife) Created: 10/14/2011


Peacock Feather

Elegant, stylish and artist representation of a peacock feather. Beautiful stylized shapes and curling lines and strokes create this sophisticated peacock design. The colors used in this logo create depth …


Sea Beauty Goddess

Beautiful, majestic and elegant logo design of stunning women/goddess of the sea with her hair flowing and moving like ocean sea waves. Amphitrite, the goddess queen of the sea, the …

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