Direct Pay

Modern data technology and interface logo design with white arrows created within the white space of the abstract shapes . Bright pink, purple and teal green are used. (framework, abstract, …


Marina Shore Mermaid

Elegant and sophisticated mermaid themed logo design featuring a stylized whimsical mermaid fin designs with delicate vine floral pattern and mermaid scale pattern. The mermaid’s fin is designed within a …

Logo Sold


Sleek and modern circular globe style logo design. The circular globe shape is created with four abstract stylized representations of an aviation plane aircraft. The outstretched wings of the planes …


Forge Fit Cross Training

Bold, clean and abstract logo design thats created with geometrical shapes that are merged together to create this shield-like logo design with three connecting pointing arrows that point to the …



Modern geometrical line drawn logo design featuring an abstract continuous line design that creates this interconnecting overlapping box design. The design represents data flow, connectivity, communication and technology. (framework, geometry, …


Emperor Crown

Sophisticated geometrical royal crown logo design. The crown design is created with bold angular geometric shapes and lines to create this elite and bold crown logo. (royal, logo, monogram, tiara, …

Logo Sold


Clean, simple and modern logo design for sale representing a flock of birds. Simple geometrical shapes are used to create the subtle impression of a group of flying birds. (bird, …

Logo Sold

Open Data

Modern data technology and interface logo design with rounded edge triangles placed together to create a circular “O” shaped design. Connecting lines intersect through the triangular pattern to represent data …


Prism Beauty

Winged Woman figure designed within a prism triangular shape in a sophisticated and elegant style. A flowing ribbon curves around the woman’s body. The entire design commands attention with this …