Bold and modern logo design featuring a stylized octopus tentacle. The swirling design of the tentacle creates a wave-like design, while also representing a weather storm designed to look like …

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Bold and fun cyclops octopus character logo design. The octopus is designed with one large eye with swirling and curing tentacles. Vibrant shades of pinky reds and orange colors are …

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Abstract, modern stylized design of an octopus created using different size circles. (octopus, spiral, stylized, curl, animals, circle, purple, tentacle, sea, seafood, ocean, creature) Created: 09/25/2011

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Square Squid

Modern, clean and bold logo design of a octopus or squid in a square shape. (animal, aquarium, aquatic, arms, cartoon, fish, giant, invertebrate, marine, mascot, monster, monstrous, multimedia, nature, ocean, …

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Bold Blue Octopus

Bold, modern and abstract design of an octopus. (blue, octopus, sea, sea creature, ocean, bubble, monster, abstract, Tentacles, eye, water, seafood, aquatic, swimming, character, aquarium, underwater, invertebrate, shape, icon, squid, …

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