Sighted Surveys

Clean, simple and modern logo design of an abstractly rendered eye created with curving shapes and elements that create an abstract impression of an eye. (eye, icon, circle, abstract, shape, …

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Spot Media

Modern and abstract eye logo design. The image of the eye is created with rounded shapes and circles that tapper in size, creating the impress/shape of the eye. The design …


Radio Stream

Unique character wearing an antenna helmet with signal wave lines encompass this character. This character could represent data streaming, music streaming, broadcasting. (internet, network, modem, broadcast, data, digital, wifi, technology, …


Paint My World

Abstract logo design that uses different splatters of paint in various colors, which create the impression/form of the world. This is a bight, and colorful logo that will attract! (earth, …

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Mopsy Dog

Modern and simple dog design with a dog bone in it’s mouth. (Dog, puppy, spots, bone, fetch, dog house, vet, animal, doctor, vet, yellow, shelter, animal, spot, spotted, canine, labrador, …


Spotted Dog Search

Cute, fun and quirky logo design depicting a happy dog bend down searching for a location pointer. (dog, pointer, hunt, searching, labrador retriever, tail, companion, cute, pointer, sketch, looking, canine, …