Spotter Cow

Funky, silly and modern cow mascot search logo that’s uniquely combined with a search pointer icon. The cow’s body is created with the search pointer shape. The bold and distinctive …

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Eye Network

Abstract modern eye logo design. The eye design is created with interconnecting lines that overlap and connect to each other to create the impression of the framework of an eye. …



Clean and modern logo design depicting a sonar radar concept with four connecting radar signals that are merged together to create a unique square geometric design. The design represents radio …


Wise Maps

Owl logo design with the body of the owl designed to look like a arial street view map with location pointer markers positioned on various locations on the map. (owl, …

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Amazed Network

Owl face with the owl’s eyes designed to look like mazes or a labyrinth. (maze, circular, game, way, search, destination, trail, exit, fun, riddle, challenge, labyrinth, concept, lost, success, circle, …


Spot Media

Modern and abstract eye logo design. The image of the eye is created with rounded shapes and circles that tapper in size, creating the impress/shape of the eye. The design …


Mega Pixels

Abstract pixel eye design created with different coloured blue pixels that create a curving shape that creates the impression of the eye. A single pixel is placed in the center …

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Search Box

Four iconic simplified people showing the upper body and head, which are also representative of 4 magnifying glasses combined together to create a square design in the center. The magnify …


Smart Search

Simple line drawing of a nerd face. The glasses that the character is wearing are designed to also look like two searching magnifying glasses. (nerd, geek, glasses, expression, nerdy, smile, …