Dog Bot Robot

Fun unique dog robot logo design featuring a pink robot dog. One of the dogs eyes is created with a gear shape. (robot, bot, dog, canine, puppy, pup, doggy, fido, …

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iBox Animatronics

Modern, colorful, bold design with abstract irregular geometrical shapes that curve around to create a cube/circular design. The design of the shapes creates movement and represent animation and motion. (abstract, …


Blue Bird Animation

This unique logo design uses gear shapes to create the bird body and face. (abstract, animal, bird, cartoon, character, cute, humming, humor, social, social network, speech, tweet, twitter, wing, zoo, …


Robot Transport

Bold, strong and abstract logo design of a robotic abstract face. (cyber, cybernetics, cyborg, fantasy, future, futuristic, humanoid, machine, machinery, mechanical, metal, metallic, military, robotics, robotronic, robots, technology, transformation, transformer, …


Robox Robot

Clean, simple and bold design representation of a robot in a box/cube shape. (robot, space, tech, icon, character, future, head, mechanical, technology, computer, equipment, retro, futuristic, science, machine, cyborg, industry, …

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Bits And Pieces Owl

Creative owl logo design using gears and industrial parts to create this creative owl logo design. (steampunk, pipe, gears, parts, bits, mechanical, machine, working, lock, owl, bird, wise, vintage, metal, …

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