Eye Network

Abstract modern eye logo design. The eye design is created with interconnecting lines that overlap and connect to each other to create the impression of the framework of an eye. …


Wood Tree Homes

Tall arborvitae trees are arraigned together to create a house shape within the white space of the logo (tree, cypress, evergreen, cedar, coniferous, green, foliage, tall, tree, garden, forest, pine …


Key Fly Butterfly

Florishing design of a skeleton key. The top of the key is designed to resemble a butterfly. (key, lock, open, door, opener, padlock, victorian, passkey, decoration, secure, steel, ornament, privacy, …


Lotus Key

Beautiful abstract lotus design & key concept combined. (lotus, flower, yoga, leaf, calm, symbol, abstract, garden, design, relax, plant, relaxation, stylized, natural, floral, healing, peace, wellness, medicine, season, wellbeing, purity, …


Dandelion Key

Simple modern dandelion Key. (key, lock, door, gate, open, opener, unlocking, secure, privacy, household, security, shape, protection, secured, classic, house, antique, access, real estate, home, realtor, agent) Created: 11/11/2014