Zigzag Publishing

Bold and colorful letterform Z logo that’s created with four colourful shapes. The design is an abstract representation of books and pages, designed in the shape the letter Z. The …


Chimp POS

Point of Sales logo that uniquely combines a monkey’s face with a point of sales receipt that’s being printed out from the mouth of the monkey. Digital pixels extend from …


Transact POS

Smart phone device/tablet with a printing recipe emerging from the tablet. The design represents smart technology solutions used for point of sales. (pos, nfs, near field communications, payment, point, sales, …

Logo Sold

Young Roots Learning

Unique learning book tree logo design with the tree branches and leaves creating the impression of the pages of an open book. The tree trunk is representing with a writing …

Logo Sold

City Library Books

This logo design combines two elements into one to create a unique unified logo design. The building is designed to also look like stacked books with a book marker placed …


Paint My World

Abstract logo design that uses different splatters of paint in various colors, which create the impression/form of the world. This is a bight, and colorful logo that will attract! (earth, …

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Flower Color Splash

The flower blase is colored in a neutral grey, which allows for the flower details to take center stage. Bust of colors exploding from the center create a firework style. …


Book Bridge Learning

Clean and unique logo design that features an open book. The pages of the open book create and arching shape created to resemble a bridge. The posts/columns that hold the …

Logo Sold

Pine Tree Book

Clean and unique logo design that features stacks of colorful open books, designed to create a pine tree with the trunk of the tree represented with a pencil. (learn, school, …